Jan 14, 2015    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Rollo Centre
685 North Rd, Gabriola

Ahimsa is sanskrit word meaning “non-harming” or “non-violence” or “non-killing”.

This principle was the backbone of Gandhi’s great experiment and it is the primary foundation for any spiritual aspirant seeking to live peacefully in the world.

Briefly put, ahimsa is the perfection of love.

Join Gabriola’s Pandit Tejomaya on Wed. Jan. 14th at 7:00 at the Rollo Centre for an exploration into the ancient spiritual practice of ahimsa.

In this evening presentation, we will begin to unwrap the essence of ahimsa, both philosophically and practically.

We will explore those factors that block us as individuals and as a society from a perfect state of non-harm, and we will explore some methods for personally incorporating ahimsa as a way of being.