May 10, 2014    
9:00 am - 3:30 pm


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Rollo Centre
685 North Rd, Gabriola

Pandit TejomayaPandit Tejomaya

Today, Gabriola Island’s Pandit Tejomaya is a Hindu priest in the  5,000 year old lineage of Himalayan Yoga Masters from the cave monasteries of India, but this was not always so.

Born into a Roman Catholic family as Tim Bruns, he responded to a spiritual calling from the age of nine which led to time spent as Brother Timothy, in the Dominican Order of Preachers.

While the monastic life ended, the spiritual fire remained and was rekindled years later through the mystical experience of cancer.

In a quest to find a formal means to express the spirituality which was revealed through cancer, he came to the Vedic tradition of the Himalayan Masters.

After years of study and formal training, Tim was ordained a Pandit and named Tejomaya on Gabriola’s Orlebar Point in July of 2012.

Pandit Tejomaya will offer an exploration into Jesus from the ancient  Hindu or Vedantic perspective, drawing practical parallels between the  scriptures of each tradition. With an open heart and mind, you will discover that there are no differences between the world’s sincere spiritual paths!

Shelagh HustonShelagh Huston

The twin themes of community and spirituality have marked Shelagh Huston’s life. As a small child, she was raised in a large family full of chaos and hubbub, and yet was drawn by solitude where she was often immersed in intense mystical experiences.

A Salish Sea islander since the back-to-the-land 60’s, she has spent a lifetime supporting community through wide-ranging experiences, including founding an island preschool, serving with dozens of community organizations, working as a consulting economist in Africa, and catalyzing the founding of the Gabriola Commons.

Her spiritual wanderings have taken her through studying the world’s religions, being a Quaker, practicing spiritual disciplines such as prayer and meditation, and serving as an Anglican deacon.

From Thomas the Apostle in the time of Jesus to Thomas Merton and Thomas Keating in our own times, Eastern ways have influenced, and even been influenced by Christian ways of knowing, being, and doing.

Shelagh will delve into how threads in the Christian tapestry have been interwoven with the colours and textures of the East.

We will investigate some of the many parallels, influences and deep commonalities among the paths of East and West; take a quick look at the possible futures of religion and perhaps come to recognize some of the unitive consciousness that underlies the surface levels of dogma and culture.


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