Feb 18, 2018    
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm


1960 Murray Rd., Gabriola

Islanders Seeking and Experiencing the Sacred in Different Ways

When the word ‘ecumenical’ is used, most often the meaning that comes to mind is the striving for unity of Christian churches beyond doctrinal differences. However, for the Gabriola Ecumenical Society this word has, over time, taken on a much broader, more inclusive and universal understanding and appreciation.

In fact, part of the Society’s mission statement reads “to encourage and nurture spiritual questing.”  With that in mind, an invitation goes out to join our common spiritual questing at a Gabriola Ecumenical Society event on Sunday, February 18th 2018 at the Netloft, 1960 Murray Road, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm titled Lifting our Spirits, Finding the Sacred. Admission by donation.

The first half of the program will offer short presentations by five islanders on aspects of their “spiritual questing.” A pilgrimage has taken one speaker to the Himalayas in Nepal, and another to the Camino in Spain. Poetry and nature are ways for a third presenter to contemplate the transcendent. Two of the speakers will talk about how their past experiences of spiritual questing has influenced and informed their present ways.

During the second half of the program all will be invited to listen to and share with each other in smaller groups… how we, too, find the sacred in our lives. What insights might we hear about the many diverse and wonderful ways we are encouraged and nurtured in our spiritual questing? All are welcome!

Owen McCooey
Gabriola Ecumenical Society