Feb 12, 2017    
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


1960 Murray Rd., Gabriola

If Love was a nation, two of the most fitting ambassadors from it would have to be Allannah Dow, cellist and vocalist, and Leah Hokanson, pianist and vocalist.

When they play and sing, there is something sublime that happens. It is as though they become one in the expression of deeply felt emotion. They will be putting that feeling to words and music.

A new command I give you: Love one another.
~ Jesus

Poets have been pondering this “thing called love” for as long as we’ve had language. What does it mean to love? When we say we love, who is speaking?

Allannah Dow and Leah Hokanson will explore what it means to love., this age old question pondered by poets and religion.

Please join us and ponder as well with these two exceptional musicians. Not to be missed. They will certainly warm our February hearts.

The Ecumenical Society’s 2016-2017 program of Fires of Transformation..and the Greatest of these is Love continues with this event. Poetry and music about love will be the theme of this presentation.

A donation of ten to fifteen dollars would be appreciated.