Mar 21, 2021    
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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You carry
All the ingredients
To turn your life into a nightmare.
Don’t mix them!

You have all the genius
To build a swing in your backyard
For God.
That sounds like a hell of a lot more fun.

Let’s start laughing, drawing blueprints,
Gathering our talented friends
~ Hafiz ~


The Spirituality of “Action”

The sanskrit word for “action” is “karma”. A great privilege of being granted human birth is the ability to freely choose our actions. Each and every choice we make is recorded in the deep recesses of our consciousness where, over time, it shapes the patterns of our future actions. This is the inescapable law of karma.

A skilled spiritual seeker is one who has absolute clarity in the supreme goal of life – to love, to serve, to realize Truth – and has shaped and reshaped their actions so that every word, every physical act, every thought is directed toward the goal of life.

And then there are the rest of us; complex beings who do great things one day and who do horrible things on the next. Imagine what your world would look like if you sharpened your free will to act more and more and more with unconditioned love, displacing your old habits of fear and ego and attachment, and manifesting the Greatness of your Divine potential. Each of us can do this!

Pandit Tejomaya engaged in a seven year intensive practice in this area and will join us via Zoom from his home Lasqueti Island to share some thoughts.

Pandit Tejomaya is a priest, or Pandit, in the 5,000 year old Himalayan Yoga Tradition.  He has taken the vows of a forest dweller (vanaprastha) and now lives a simple life of devotion on Lasqueti Island in British Columbia as he prepares for his final vows as a renunciate (swami) in the Bharati lineage.


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