Jun 29, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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We left the well-worn circle
We left the city lights
Came up here where the air is clear
And the stars are bright at night
Maybe there’s a distant valley
Maybe it’s a ways away
We’re all here on the new frontier
Because we knew we could not stay
Knew we could not stay

We make the way by walking

~ David Wilcox, “We Make the Way by Walking”


Photo by Lacey Raper on Unsplash


Walking, the second of three retreats, will be available for download on Wednesday June 16. With the download, you will receive an invitation and zoom link for an online gathering with Karen Hollis, for Tuesday, June 29 at 7pm. Participants retreat individually and are invited to gather together on zoom to share their experiences.

While the first pilgrimage focused on the process of preparing and beginning, this retreat focuses on walking . . . getting up each and walking along the path . . . being away from home, away from the familiar . . . and reflecting on what the “wilderness” teaches us. The wilderness we all share this year is COVID – it gives us a valuable lens on our lives, our world. The readings for this retreat come from Barbara Brown Taylor, David Wilcox, Mark Nepo, Sallie McFague and others.

What is a Pilgrimage? A pilgrimage is an intentional journey into an experience of unknowing and discomfort for the sake of stripping away preconceived expectations. The Latin root of the word pilgrimage, peregrini, means “strange” or “stranger.” The journey to become a pilgrim means becoming a stranger in the service of transformation (Christine Valters Paintner). While COVID didn’t come to us by choice, in times such as these, we have choices about how to respond to the current conditions of the world. These times offer a unique look at our world and ourselves, so it is a ripe time for pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage can be a physical journey . . . but even a physical journey of many miles is not a pilgrimage without the inner journey, which is the way of this pilgrimage series. The series is designed for individuals to set aside time for each retreat.

Retreat Booklet:

Download the booklet that is guide to your personal retreat here

Zoom Gatherings: Join us on June 29 when Karen Hollis will host a zoom gathering where people can share about their experiences.

The third pilgrimage in the series “Coming Home” will be available for download July 14th with the zoom gathering June 27.

Rev. Karen Hollis has been the minister at Christ Church Gabriola and on the board of GES for over 3 years. She has served in a number of ministry contexts both in Washington State and British Columbia. She has been a spiritual seeker all her life and celebrates all the ways God shows up in the world and all the ways humans respond. 


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