What the Buddha has to say about suffering and happiness

Is  true happiness a possibility?

. On September 22nd 2011, Janet Lironi introduced us to the 2500 year old Buddha’s message which still points to a simple yet profound way to true happiness.  He did not ask us to believe or follow, but rather he taught a method of coming to know the truth as it is. The first and  central teaching he gave was “The Four Nobel Truths”:  there is ”dukkha” or suffering,  a cause of this “dukkha”, the possibility for the end of “dukkha”, and a path of practice that will lead to freedom. 

After years of exploring different meditation practices, Janet Lironi has, for the past 15 years, immersed herself in the practice and study of the teachings of the Buddha from a Theravada Buddhist (Vipassana or Insight) perspective.  Two years ago she was invited to become a “Community Dharma Leader” and now shares her passion for the “dharma” or teachings, with those who express an interest.

This event was held at the Net Loft and was well attended by 35 Islanders.  Her talk was videotaped and is available to anyone who might be interested.  Leave a coment on the webpage with your phone number and you will be contacted.